Missouri Honor Troupe

All questions regarding Honor Troupe should be directed to Mikelle Cortez at mcortez@toltoncatholic.org


To earn Honor Troupe status this year, a student-led 10-minute round table presentation of no more than 3 students will present to a panel of judge at Leadership Conference in September. Schools must present at leadership to be considered an honor troupe.  Judges felt that scrapbooks were the easiest presentation, but you may use Powerpoint or Prezi. Troupes choosing a Powerpoint/Prezi presentation must provide their own laptop. Honor Troupe's will be announced at state conference.

Click the link below for a copy of the honor troupe requirements.  Please save this file as your school's name, fill out the relevant sections, and print it out. Relevant sections refers to school name and troupe number on page one, and all of pages 2 & 3.  Once you have this filled out, please email it to Mikelle Cortez.  When she receives your school's file she will schedule a time for your troupe to present to the judges panel at leadership. Please indicate (in your email) if you would prefer a specific timeslot.

You will need to bring a hard copy of your application for your presentation.  Also remember that you need physical documentation of each event on your application.  This can be in the form of programs, pictures, emails, etc.

2016 Honor Troupe Form (PDF)

2016 Honor Troupe Form (Word)


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