Missouri Honor Troupe

All questions regarding Honor Troupe should be directed to

Tabatha Babcock at tbabcock@bsd124.org


Honor Troupe status recognizes troupes that do outstanding work in their school and/or community and achieve a high level of excellence, both on and off stage. There is no limit on the number of troupes who can apply each year, and each school's accomplishments should be unique to their community, school environment, and state involvement. 

The application process includes an application, a portfolio (“scrap book”, electronic presentation, or a combination of both), and a presentation/discussion process. 1-2 students from your troupe will have a maximum of 10 minutes to present to a panel of judges and two other troupes. Student’s should have 3 copies of their completed application available for the judges at presentation. Only complete the white sections of the Honor Troupe Application.  In order to receive Honor Troupe status troupes must earn 35 points total with a minimum of 5 points in each of the 5 categories. (For example, a troupe may earn 20 points in the Troupe Production category and 5 points in each of the other 4 categories and still receive Honor Troupe status. However, a troupe who receives 20 points in Troupe Production and only 4 points in any other category will not receive Honor Troupe status. Please note that failure to get registration in on time and/or excessive charges may result in a forfeit of Honor Troupe status.

The portfolio should represent the positive impact your troupe is making. With the exception of productions, all events may only be listed once.  Production titles may be repeated (example: Laramie Project is a full production AND a social issues play. Oklahoma is a full production AND cross curricular). *Student design elements are exempt from this rule. All designs for a given single production may be included to complete the “Student Design Technical Elements” category.

The portfolio (electronic or “scrap book”) should follow the same order as the scoring rubric below.  Applications and portfolios will be presented during the Leadership Conference.  Each Honor Troupe application year is Leadership Conference to the day before the next Leadership Conference.


2018 Honor Troupe Form (PDF)

2018 Honor Troupe Form (Word)




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