Missouri Improv Intensive 

All questions regarding the Improv Intensive should be directed to
Jessica Winingham at [email protected]
  • Each member of the team must be registered for the entire Conference in order to participate in this event.
  • Cost is $40 per team. Each school can only have one team (maximum 35 teams)
  • Students must be a registered Thespian with EDTA and have a member number.
  • Improv Intensive consists of 3 rounds. The first round will be a Head-to-Head round held on Thursday evening after the Main Stage Performance. The other two rounds will be held Saturday morning before the Main Stage Performance. A schedule detailing when and where each team needs to be will be in the Troupe Director's registration folder of each team. Teams must wait outside their assigned door at the start of each round until it is their turn to perform. Once a team enters they will remain in the room after they have performed until all the teams in that room have performed.  Failure of the entire team to be present when the team checks in will result in disqualification of the team.
  • All teams must have a 3/2 (for teams of 5) or 2/2 (for teams of 4) mix of the opposite sex. (All girls or all boys schools are exempt from this rule.) Teams must have 4-5 players.
  • Team Information includes their names and email.
  • Informational Packets will be presented at Leadership and e-mailed to all registered captains and their troupe directors after registration date closes.




2019 Starter Packet 

2019 Games Packet

Improv Scoring Sheet



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