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Please note, this page will not be updated until after our July board meeting each year.


Welcome to the Conference page. We are excited that the 2018 conference will be January 11th, at the St. Louis Grand Hotel. We look forward to seeing you!


This page provides the links you will need for conference registration. Delegate registration fees are $ each, additional sponsors and chaperones are $ each; however, the primary troupe sponsor and retired teachers are $. There is also a $35 registration fee per school if you are not yet a registered Jr. Thespian Troupe.

Remember, you are not completely registered for conference until you have mailed in the required paperwork and arranged for payment of fees. A check number or PO number must be recorded. All payments must be received by Nov. 28th and sent to: Jennifer Forrest James 419 Sorrento Dr. Ballwin, MO 63021

The Junior Thespian conference this year is taking place at the St. Louis Grand Hotel. If you plan to stay in the conference hotel on Friday January 12th, your room reservation and list of students in each room is due NO LATER than December 1st.


No registrations or changes will be accepted after Nov 20th.


Make sure you send both consent and health forms to Angela Hetz before

November 27. Make a copy of them for your own records before sending.


Junior Thespian Conference Registration


 Draft of Conference Schedule

Student Delegate Conduct Guidelines  
Student Consent Form 
Adult Delegate Conduct Guidelines 
Adult Consent Form 
Administrator Permission Form 

Hotel Reservations Form - submit to Becky Crosby at [email protected]

Credit Card Authorization Form - to be submitted with hotel reservation if paying for rooms by credit card

Junior Thespian Stipend--$90 to attend conference in high school


Link to Create Sponsor Login

Junior Thespian Individual Events




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