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Leadership Presentation


MusicalWorks promotes original musical writing by high school students and is open to members of the International Thespian Society. Participants may submit the opening number to an original student-written musical for review. Selected student lyricists and composers will have the chance to workshop and stage their creation with professionals and student musical theatre actors at the Festival. One opening number will be chosen for workshops and a performance at the Missouri State Thespian Festival. *Winning submission will receive complimentary festival registration! 


Rules and Guidelines

  • Musicals must be original works of no more than two thespian writers.
  • Adaptations won’t be considered, nor will musicals that include music, lyrics, or dialogue written by anyone other than the submitting writers.
  • Musicals can be about any subject
  • Student writers should submit only the opening number from their original musical, not the entire score. The opening number should be between three and six minutes in length.
  • Cast of characters needed to stage the musical number should not exceed fifteen people.
  • Musical tracks submitted should include full sung lyrics and accompaniment either by instruments or a composition program such as Garage Band. A cappella pieces will not be considered unless the entire piece was composed to be performed a cappella.
  • Students may also include any dialogue that occurs before or during the opening number in the recording.
  • If selected to workshop your opening number at the Festival, you will be required to produce sheet music for your original song. Sheet music can be written on Finale Notepad (a free music writing, music notation, software download) or any other music notation program.
  • Writers may submit more than one opening number provided they are from different original musicals.


Participants must be active members of the Thespian Society enrolled in high school during the current school year.


Submission Procedures

  • Submit your opening number in a mp4 or mp3 file.
  • Recordings must include all sung lyrics and accompaniment.
  • Include a one-page plot summary of the entire show including information about the musical’s intended audience.
  • Include a lyrics sheet for the opening number.
  • Include a cover page with the following information:
    1. the title of your musical
    2. your name, address, telephone number(s), and email address
    3. your School name and Thespian troupe number
    4. the name and telephone number of your troupe director
    5. and the words “MusicalWorks Submission”


Workshops and performance

The writers will collaborate with student actors and professional stage directors and music directors to bring their musicals to life with minimal production elements. The writers will observe readings, consult with their directors, receive and provide feedback, and make revisions to strengthen their scripts. The program culminates in staged the musical opening number for a conference audience.



Your work is protected by copyright from the moment it is created. As the writer, you own the musical and have exclusive control of the rights to produce, publish, and adapt it. By submitting your opening number to the MusicalWorks program, you are agreeing to allow the Missouri State Thespians, at its discretion, to mount a performance of your work.


  • All submission must be turned in by NOVEMBER 1st. No Late submissions will be accepted.
  • Early submissions are encouraged.
  • Submissions will be acknowledged at the time of receipt.
  • Email submissions to Tabatha Babcock [email protected]. *Please put your musical title in the subject line and label each document with the title and type of document (Example: “Wicked” Plot Summary). 
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