Works in Progress

All questions should be directed to Teri Turner [email protected]

New this year to Conference WIP (Work in Progress), which is a celebration of the process of creating theatre. This allows students and schools to showcase upcoming productions at whatever stage of the process. We are offering WIP showcases in performance and design categories.

This late night activity will be held on Wednesday, January 9, 2019 during the Late Night Activities.

  • Work in Progress - Performance: These cuttings may be up to, but NO longer than 15 minutes. You may wish to bring: a song, a dance, an acting scene, leads only, full cast, ensemble only - anything on or off book that shows a glimpse of what you are working on. You do not need costume pieces. These scenes will NOT be adjudicated. It will be pure fun and supportive experience. Great way to test out the voices, the dances and the script.¬† Bring your own pre-recorded piano track. Storage is not available, all pieces brought in, must leave with you.

  • Work in Progress - Design - These designs are for upcoming shows and can be student or adult created and for realized or project based class assignments. These designs will NOT be adjudicated. Facing a challenge in the design? Looking inspiration? Want to see what others are working on? It will be pure fun and supportive experience. Storage is not available for any design materials brought. Photos, scenic models, renderings, PowerPoint, research, concept statements, wherever you are in the process is welcome.

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